Mothers Day Gift Basket

Mothers Day Gift Basket

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What can you do to repay the woman who gave birth to you and guided you through childhood. Well as mine often reminds me, nothing; but that doesn't mean you can't try. The celebratory basket we've prepared has everything you need to make a delicious meal (to repay all the ones she made for you). You get an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar of your choice as well as Pappardelles flavored pasta, a colander and a recipes. It also includes a handmade tea towel and a beautiful double cruet for your oil and vinegar. We finish this with hand crafted Theo's chocolates, a bottle of wine from Lost River Winery (again your choice) and a gift certificate to the spa Pediwork because we all know she deserves it. We hope you let us help celebrate this wonderful holiday and give back to the mom who always gave to you. When completing your order let us know your preferences for the Oil, Vinegar, and Wine in the 'notes and other instructions' portion of the order and we will happily take care of it for you. A very Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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